Who provides what?

There are two ways in which WellTracer™ can be provided.  WellTracer™ can be provided on a pilot (or campaign) basis or WellTracer™ can be provided as a service.

WellTracer™ Pilot

A WellTracer™ pilot may be referred to as a pilot, campaign, trial or demonstration.  This is the manner in which AppSmiths will deliver WellTracer™ directly to a customer.

During a pilot, AppSmiths will provide the WellTracer™ equipment, necessary software and a WellTracer™ technician.  The customer will provide the liquid CO2 and N2 cylinders, a qualified field assistant and will handle all required Permits.

WellTracer™ Service

When WellTracer™ is provided as a service the customer will arrange for WellTracer™ to be delivered by a WellTracer™ distributor.  The distributor will be responsible for providing the WellTracer™ equipment, required gases and man power and will be familiar with the customer's Permit to Work system.

Regardless of the delivery method for WellTracer™ the customer will need to provide the necessary well data in order to model the well(s) in WinGLUE™.  Modeling the well(s) is required to predict the duration of the WellTracer™ runtime and to analyze the WellTracer™ results.

The required well data consists of well tests, deviation surveys, mandrel and valve data, reservoir data, casing data and tubing data.  Recent gradient or bottomhole surveys are useful for initial calibration of the models to ensure accuracy and best results.