Operational Questions

How accurately can the depth of a leak be determined?

The accuracy of determining leak dpeths is directly proportional  to the accuracy of the surface measurements supplied to the WinGLUE™  model. If surface measurement equipment is well maintained and  properly calibrated it is possible to determine the leak depth within  one foot of the leak.

Does well stability affect the accuracy of the WellTracer™ survey?

The WellTracer™ survey results are not affected by unstable tubing  pressures. Instability in the casing pressure or injection gas rate,  depending on the severity of the instability, may affect the duration  of the WellTracer™ survey. The WellTracer™ survey will still provide  results and reviewing the historical trend of the instablity will allow  for proper analysis of the WellTracer™ survey.

Is there any deferement as a result of running a WellTracer™ survey?

There is no deferement associated with the WellTracer™ survey.

What if my well has a high concentration of CO2?

The baseline CO2 level of the well is established at the  beginning of the WellTracer™ survey. When the injected CO2  returns to the surface there will be a spike in the CO2  level above the normal CO2 concentration of the well.  High background CO2 concentration does not matter with  WellTracer™.

How far can the WellTracer™ unit be located from the wellhead sample point?