General Equipment Questions

What are the power requirements of the WellTracer™ unit?

100 - 240 VAC @ 47 - 63 Hz

The WellTracer™ unit will draw a maximum of 5 A

Continuous draw is 2 - 3 A

How can the WellTracer™ unit be powered?

The WellTracer™ unit can be powered with AC power, 12 V power inverter or generator.

Including the required laptop computer, 250 W is required for portable power solutions.

Is the WellTracer™ unit waterproof?

The WellTracer™ unit not waterproof but is water resistant. In  situations where the unit may be exposed to continuous or heavy rainfall  it is recommended that the unit be covered with a tarp or located in a protected  location.

What type of power connection does the WellTracer™ unit have?

The WellTracer™ unit comes with a 3 pin US power plug standard. The unit  can be fitted with any type of plug that is required, including an explosion  proof plug.